Just Restored! My MK2.5 Sport

Just spent waaaay too much ££££ on having my Maz restored. She’s so beautiful now ??












Looks like some serious work there, nice one 

Thank you! She failed the MOT catastrophically (rust!!) and so now was the time to go for the restoration that was always the eventual intention when I bought her three years ago for a mere £800.



Well done, to say the least.

We think the Mk2.5 was the best looking 5 after the Mk1. 

That’s some process you went through but it will look and feel like a new car.

We did our identical (2002) Crystal Blue a few years back, much to the same degree.

It was a fair hit at the time, but we’ve since had 5 years out of it and it still gets admired.

For us, the “fully blob-chart” Mk2.5 was one of Hiroshima’s best efforts.

Certainly, the interior durability & detail quality knocks spots off everything else since.

OEM alloys on yours look good as well. Ours were too far gone to refurbish, so I took the decision to go the fairly common Rota route.

Remember Darren you have likely got “That LSD so keep an eye on it…

If you have not done so I’d recommend draining it and check for metal bits & swarf 

Again well done…it’s a blinking corker.

Well Done. It is so nice to hear of owners of NB’s who are prepared to spend money on preserving rather than scrapping them. The initial cost of the work may seem high but the pleasure of driving will last many years and will justify the cost. They are an excellent car and reasonably priced for what they offer.

Well done! Car looks amazing!

Liking the position of your number plate, really highlights how dominating the front plate is on my car.

Nice “renovation”.


100% yes. Better than the MK1 in every way - except one thing!! (The obvious!)


Thanks! Already done, by the MX5 Restorer, Eastbourne in 2017.



Yours is gorgeous by the way!!


I originally removed the plinth and put the plate where that was to cover the two screw holes. Then made some brackets and put it in the grille. I think it highlights the shape of the MK2.5 grille and also the lovely nose on it too.

For me the NB is my perfect balance between old enough to be considered a retro/classic, and modern enough to be useable. I’m completely in love with my car ??



Excellent. It’s the only biggy apart from “Our Rust”  I can think of. 

Happy 5-ing!

Nice looking car Darren.

You have done all the work so hopefully get the payback of enjoying the car.

The front number plate looks good in the grille mouth but it unfortunately I think it will get damaged very quickly in that area.   

What a lovely looking motor. Wish mine looked that good,well worth the expense

Really? From what? Motorways…?


One of the first things I started selling back in the day 2003ish were the Lockwood grilles. Too many MK1 owners at the time with broken rads or Eunos owners with broken aircon condensers(positioned in front of rad).

The problem is stones thrown up in that low down area and the MK2.5 has the biggest catcher of them all. At the end of the day it a No. plate, not an aircon condensor, so £10 - 15?

I hope it lasts for ever but in all honesty expect it to be damaged quickly by small stones. Hope I’m wrong - please report back.       


Where I live there are no motorways so fingers crossed the number plate will be relatively safe.

Thanks for the info though, always good to learn new tips 


I’d be more concerned about cooling than stray stones.