just testing

I think I’ve found a bug, but I’m not sure - this post will serve as a test of that!

not sure how much of a bug it is, but it seems that carriage returns arent trimmed from the end of posts, not sure if this is a standard “all forums do it” bug, or just specific to here.
Not even sure how to fix it without changing the actual forum code…
shall we just leave it and hope no one abuses it?  Mods, so you’re aware - I’ll leave this here :slight_smile:


How do you mean, please explain.

I do know that a carriage return will always add a double space but a shift return,
will do a single line.  Odd that but useful once you know it…


 thats handy to know!
now I can do single lines!!
 the problem is If I hold down my return key now and whack a load of blank lines in, they’re not trimmed from the post and therefore make the post hugely long - but as I say, this might just be normal behaviour.
 the single line thing helped!

 this editor is basicly an html editor, so a carriage return drops two lines as it would with html… so I am told… does that help ?