K & N typhoon

Does anyone can give me a link for a Dyno of K & N Typhoon induction for MK2 99 Model.
I am mainly interested if there is any loss of torque at low revs.
Thank you.


I have one fitted on my MK2.5 and can feel a differance through out the rev range,but not a massive gain in horse power.

Try this link to NUTZ.



I think it’s more of an aural thing. Sounds great so MUST be going faster!!!

I agree, slightly more torque in the mid-range

I only wanted mine for the bling but cant get enough of the sound.

My car sounds great with my stainless back box and mid box removed and the typhoon kit roaring as well great sound.


Yep, agree with GOONZ, mines coupled up with a 100mm dual exit Larini and sounds great…

I Dyno’d my 1.8 Mk1 with one fitted and got an increase in Torque around 4K

Hi Ian

You helped me recently acquire a larini exhaust if you remember. 

I’ve just ordered a K&N Typhoon for my 10th anniversary edition - I’ve read somewhere that ‘even a monkey could fit it!’ Is this true? Also, couldn’t help but notice your immaculate engine bay. Is there any secret as to how to get it that clean and shiny? Please don’t recommend a monkey to do it!


Andy   [:D]

Wouldn’t dream of it…[;)]

The K&N typhoon is a doddle to fit…[:D]

It’s just a matter of carefully removing the original air box and fitting the tube, it really is that simple.

The Typhoon does come with all the mountings, but I have manufactured an additional bracket to support the air flow meter, as all that holds it and the air filter in place is the Jubilee clip on the hose. It gave me piece of mind to know it was secure.

Cleaning the engine bay was easy for me as I have access to a steam cleaner, I covered the electrics and the spark plug holes, and blasted all the old dirt away.

Then I set about polishing the underside of the bonnet, unbolted and moved to one side things like the cooling system expansion tank and polished underneath it, then replaced it…then just did small areas at a time with a cloth and polish.

Watch it though…you could end up with scraped knuckles [:@]

As for the cam cover, that was a different story…that took a long time to do, I reckon I spent about 28 hours doing it whilst it was off the car (a few evenings spent in a cold garage)

I also removed the heatshield on the exhaust manifold and polished it.

I’ve just aquired an inlet manifold that I’m also going to polish…watch this space  [;)]

It does take time to do it initially but once done it’s easy to keep clean if you do it on a regular basis.


From this

To this





Andy, (Hiscocks)

I’ve just read the NUTZ thread, and noticed you’d posted that you’d like to see a picture of “the” bracket…[;)]

Sorry to have kept you waiting since September…!! 

I can now reveal it…[:O]

These pictures were taken some time ago, and I have since made another better one, but you get the general idea !!

Hi mate,

Cheers for the pictures.

I had something similar in mind,(when I get around to it)



 Do these fit the mk1 1.6 uk spec at all? The engine bay look the same but they only seem listed for the mk2 etc

No:      Different AFM

My word, that is amazing!!! I feel that I have some work to do on my car now…