Kendo badges

Hi all. Got myself a 2011 Kendo, very nice car. Problem is the 2 badges over the side repeaters are beginning to fade a little, probably been cleaned too much. I have emailed Mazda uk, but they have chosen to ignore my mails. Just wondering if anyone knows of any suppliers of these items. Thanks in advance for any help.

Mazda uk marketing department searched for kuro badges for me with no luck. Basically they make just enough for the special editions with a nominal few spare. Once those are gone that’s it. I suspect any Kendo spares have long since disappeared. They seem to sell on the excess badges to mx5 parts so if they haven’t got them you are likely to be out of luck.

Occasionally these things turn up on eBay. I bought an unused kuro badge just the other week. Worth a look but I wouldn’t hold out much hope in that.

I was toying with swapping my mx5 kuro badges with the rx8 kuro ones and picked a couple of those up from a scrap yard recently. You could search for a written off kendo but you may have a long wait before that happens


Thanks for that. Searched on MX5 parts but they no longer supply them. Fleabay dont have any either. I may see if i can get some made at a local printers.