Kent newbie

Hi to all MX5 owners :grin:

I am a proud owner of a 2009 PRHT 2.0 Sport Mk3 in Copper red. I live in the Kent area and I absolutely love the way she drives and feels on the road, it makes me smile​:grin::grin:

I have recently sorted out the alloys as they only had minor kerb damage. Also I have just had a Scorpion Cat to back exhaust system fitted and I must say I am well pleased with the outcome. It does sound similar to stock, but it comes alive when you drive it hard :sunglasses:

At some point I will share some pics but in the mean time it’s a hi from me.


Hello and welcome… Sounds like the MX5 bug has bitten you lol…! Look forward to seeing the pics :slight_smile: Rob

Welcome from another Kent member


Welcome from a fellow Copper Red PRHT.

Hello and welcome from another Kent member. :smile:

Another Kent newish owner here.
Blue 2006 2.0 Sport. Was standard when I bought it off eBay 6months ago - now not so standard.

Welcome from another Kent person!

Hello and welcome from North Nottinghamshire.

Just saw a ceramic mk4. Did he wave nope! What’s going on out there in these times! Haha

No…! Gives us Ceramic MX-5er’s a bad name…! Lol!