Knocking front right

  1. My model of MX-5 is: nb
  2. I’m based near: Milton Keynes
  3. I’m looking for technical help.

I drove my car this weekend to find my front right seems to be knocking when driving. I’m not a mechanic so if anyone has any info or can point out anything in that area what it could be. Then I can check certain things. Sorry not much to really go on I’m afraid.

Thank u

Hi B,
The first thing to check is the antiroll bar drop links.

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Thank u. I’ll have take a look

Is there a descent garage in my area Milton Keynes or better still the Bletchley area

Hi, I have a friend who runs a garage in Bletchley, third avenue autos. I can have a little look for you for free if you like, I’m no mechanic by any means really, but I do work on my car and recently fixed a similar problem on my own car (replaced my drop links in an attempt to fix it to find it was actually the brake caliper the was causing the problem).

Oh excellent, if you wouldn’t mind that would be awesome. I work away in the week so if a weekend day ok?

Is the knocking pretty constant or only when driving over bumps? And did you find it worse when starting out, but then improved a bit? If it’s not a worn droplink, I’d perhaps be thinking a shocker could be on its way out. But it could just as easily be a number of other things!!!

Weekend would be best for me too so that works well. I think I’m busy on Saturday this week, but can do Sunday if that’s OK for you?

Sunday is even better for me, if you private message me ur address and number. We can meet up Sunday

The knocking is when driving and it’s constant . Dosnt seem to disappear at all.