Lancaster insurance poor service

After my recent post about lancaster insurance not sending a link for my guaranteed valuation.
Its still unresolved. Ive requested 4 call backs. When they call the line goes dead when i answer.
I got through when i rang the quote line after being put on hold 4 times after being on hold for an hour
Waiting for customer service
So apparently the links being sent and a manager is calling by 6. 3 minutes to go.
If my moods not changed they can poke their policy.
Looks like once they’ve had your money they’re no longer interested

If you really want an answer, write them a letter, address it to the Managing Director, mark it “Private and Confidential” (write that across the top of the envelope) and send it registered post. These days a physical letter from a customer is such a novelty that it blindsides their systems enough for an actual human to have to respond.

You’d be surprised. I got a reply in writing from someone senior at Virgin Media recently. It beats sitting on the phone for 20 minutes to end up talking to some poor bewildered guy in a call centre in India.

Best reply ever was from the actual President of the Sony Corporation of Japan. That letter was simply addressed “The President, The Sony Corporation, Japan”.

I’m retired. I have time for this kind of thing.


I agree with writing to the person at the top, worked for me. However, many years ago a MD’s secretary advised me to mark such envelopes “Personal” rather than “Private and Confidential”, as the P&C envelope is opened by the secretary, and may get deflected, while Personal goes on the boss’s desk unopened.

I’ve had phone conversations with them, self inflicted really, made a mistake of giving my details to them at the mx5oc rally once. Talk about pestering, three phone calls I had but on the first one I told them they were no where near to getting my business and I’m now already fixed up.

I dodged one anyway after reading reviews later, although to be fair they seemed to have changed on some review sites.

“Call Centre Chaos: Britain on Hold”

TV Channel…‘My 5’

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CEO email addresses -
E-mails address database lists to find contact details of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Managing Directors
Best website I ever found, used it many times almost always gets a result.

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I’ve sometimes managed to dodge the telephone waiting list by calling the “new business” extension, rather than customer services. Companies tend to be keen to answer! I’ve been then transferred to the correct extension. Doesn’t always work, but worth a try.

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Thats whatvi did in the end.
They sent me the link.
I asked them to get a manager to call me as i wanted to complain.
Guess what. No call

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