Lavender and Lupins: Wednesday 12th June Run

Next mid week run has a change of start location so PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

Lavender & Lupins Wednesday 12th June 

Meeting 9.30am Sainsbury’s, Longwater, NR5 0JS

Initial run of just over an hour to our coffee stop and opportunity to stretch our legs at Norfolk Lavender.

Followed by a short run to West Acre Gardens, a member’s recommendation and a place I’ve not visited so looking forward to this.

Light lunches are available at these gardens, then we can going looking for the Lupins, well it sort of went with Lavender in the title.

I have planned a return route but of course you may wish to leave earlier or make your own way more directly back.

Have attached route instructions which you can print off or work out and input into a satnav. You’ll see that I’m using the dreaded A47 but not for too long.

Cheers David


Please pop your name below if you are planning on joining us. 

  1. David and Rosemary
  2. Mick and Gella
  3. Laurie
  4. Pete H
  5. Jim and Jennie - dropped out
  6. Jean & Allan
Well done and thanks to those who turned out for the Lavender & Lupins run. Forecast looked dire but we set off with tops down and that was good for both the run to Heacham and then after coffee and break also the run to West Acre Gardens. It started raining right at the end of our look around the garden and nursery. West Acre Garden is to be highly recommended for a well stocked nursery of healthy plants at reasonable prices a must visit for any gardener/lover of plants. We left in various directions for our trips home by then the rain had set in so tops were up but what a smashing (nothing broken) day out - had to take the appropriate photo

Cheers David


Good for this one David for both myself and Gella.

I have popped your name on the list as David does not have great wifi today!


This sounds to be an interesting one. Could you add me to the list please.




Your on the list.

West Acre is really nice - went there last weekend in the MX5 and came away with three rose bushes and various small plants . Don’t ask we did it… Looked like a mobile window box…! Definately a good visit for gardeners…

Hi David,
Could you add me to the list for this.

Thanks Pete H.


You are ‘added’.

All the best.


Please add Jim and Jennie to the list for Lupins and Lavender.

Weather and age permitting


Jim and Jennie
Your names have been duly added. Fingers crossed for fine weather. I’m currently on a car tour in the north of England will be back for next Wednesday.



Jean and Allan would like to join for Wednesday run lupine !!

see you sainsburys car park 09:30

thanks for good run will stick white lavender in front garden .

could not plant Woolf !!!

Jean & Allan
You’re on the list. Lupine? No crying wolf!



Sorry to be a pain but I can’t see any improvement in the weather for Wednesday

Not much fun in the rain, so I think I will be staying in the dry and darning my socks.


Hope I’m wrong


Jim and Jennie 

Darn it! The weather not your socks. How about knitting a pair of door mirror covers? Hopefully you don’t wear socks with sandals.
I’ve a feeling others may ‘cry off’. We’ll see how folk feel tomorrow morning. Although our Krazy Horse run was in the wet and we had a great outing but a garden in the wet is not the same as bikes & Morgans in the dry.

See you,


Great run today David thanks for arranging it, looking forward to many more mid week runs.
Mick & .Gella.