Le Mans 24

Hi everyone, I have recently, rather foolishly as it turns out, taken my Le Mans to a car wrapping company in the hope of having the tired looking design on the bonnet re-done. They seemed confident in their ability to restore it to its former glory but unfortunately it has turned out completely wrong. 

I have come to the conclusion that it will all have to be taken off and re-done again. The problem I have now is obtaining the original dimensions as they did not stick to the exact shape even though I made a huge point of the fact it has to be as it was but re-applied. I am only talking about the black, green and orange design with the white tape and “stitching” just in front of the windscreen, not the whole bonnet.

Does anyone know how or where I can get this information? Or is there an owner out there who could help me out with this? I am not sure if the black part of the design was made with vinyl or paint, I am pretty sure the orange and green and the white strips are made of vinyl. Any information or recommendations would be very gratefully received as I feel duty bound to restore the bonnet as closely as possible to its original state.

Many thanks



You could try getting in touch with Mark at Freelance Mazda near Chatham . Don’t know if he could help but many years ago he worked at MCL Sheerness, where the UK special editions were put together, including the LM. I think he also has an LM of his own now, which could be used as reference…

Worth a try anyway.

might help if you added your location by the way. not many LM’s about but you never know, there MIGHT be one near you?

Thanks Doug. I will certainly give that a go, it sounds promising. I bought the car from Mazda, it was part of their heritage collection, at the time they told me they have another that has only done 1000 miles! Maybe I will ask there also. I live in Brighton so mx5 restorer is not far from me, which would be another option.