Le Mans Classic 2021

So I’m looking at going to this… Does the MX5 owners club organise anything, has anyone got any recommendations for non-camping packages? Lots of stuff out there for classic car owners but anything else?

I have been to the last three if these and also going to the 2020 (now 2021) LMC.

I go with friends and we hire a chateau. For 2021, we are taking the Pistonheads package for entry tickets and parking. You could do that and ten find suitable accommodation in and around Le mans

Thanks- Pistonheads is always worth checking out! We’ve decided to go with Classic Car Tours- in spite of the name they’re happy for anyone to join, you don’t have to have a GT40. Chateau based accommodation & entry/paddock tickets, plus organised drive tours on non-race days. Cross fingers that it can happen.