Leasing A Car?

I can only judge the state of my builder’s Ranger. After 5 years, its on its last legs. The bed is bashed in, rot is everywhere, the cab is full of Mickey D wrappers. And like most/all pickups, its an ugly beast.

For £25 a week, who cares what a new electric car looks like.

Racing stripes on a pickup??

LOL. WA16 RVX no longer MOT’d and is now exported. I’m pretty sure its no longer being treated to a sunday clean anymore. Likely lying in a ditch, in pieces somewhere near Kherson. Obviously not orange any more. The service of military wheeled vehicles in a war is not long. I read that Kubelwagens lasted 3-6 months, hence early versions are exceptionally rare (and tended to be ex-Luftwaffe airfield hacks).

Ukrainian military buying up used pickups across Europe, and liking RHD versions to fool Russian snipers, who aim at the driver…

Thanks for your input, can I ask which company you looked at for deals? I’ve been checking prices via Leaseloco, pretty straightforward it seems. Pay a deposit/first payment of 3 months rental then, in my case x 35 monthly payments. I’m looking at a budget of no more than £270 per month. Found some decent deals, in no rush but probably it’s better to wait on the new reg in March. Maybe (my thinking) new models/new reg some may want to shift sticking stock at lower rental prices, who knows.
Suzuki S cross or Ford Puma are on the radar, Ford direct offer the best price on a Puma, no broker/dealer fee.

That’s a good shout and I suppose more expense to think about, thanks👍

No problem. Just tried to get your thread back to the original point. I have used Xcite Car Leasing About the vehicle leasing experts for my Octavia which I got as a pre reg on a good deal. Very efficient service. I’ve also heard good things from arburyleasing too. There is also no harm in seeing if a main dealer would compete. Some brands don’t target lease cars so dealers don’t have an interest whereas some do allow them to count to target so dealers are happy to do the deals.

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We’re doing pickups now mick , if you’ve £60+k to spend :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed::wink::wink:
Or 12 months lease too :white_check_mark:

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I’ve pcp’d three cars since 2018 but only because they were available on 0% for 3 years. 1Not sure if it’s because of the timing or other reasons unknown but at the end of the initial 3 year period on all three cars they were worth far more than the final payment - almost double in fact. The depreciation (or lack of) was very surprising. This may be a current day phenomenon due to the recent bubble we were in but had I leased them all I’d have paid similar money over the fixed period but ended up with nothing at the end. Just my input :+1:.

I personally won’t buy a brand new car again, I found the experience no more gratifying than buying a nice used one for less money.

I’ve done a mixture PCP, lease and private purchase over the last 10 years for daily drivers. As ever, each have their pros and cons. At the moment I have a slighly older 3-Series owned outright, which I’m very happy with.

So it’s horses for courses. The clear benefit is having a new car with a warranty and if you’re an owner who likes to change vehicles after a set amount of time, after 3yrs for example, then lease and PCP are good options. Just a case of going in with eyes open and working out the total cost of ownership.

Vehicle damage charges on return often gets bandied about with leases, but you actually need to look at the BVRLA guidelines on fair wear & tear. Included in the rental agreement are details of the cost of a repair to a curbed wheel for example. It’s important to check this, as sometimes it can be cheaper to leave the damage than to have it repaired. It’s also no different to a vehicle with more damage and wear/tear come part-ex or sale time. Don’t look after it as well… it will be worth less.

On the PCP and leased vehicles I’ve run, I’ve never once had any charges. But I look after the car the same way as if I owned it outright - it would be hand washed, polished, waxed etc. Friends of mine who are just ‘normal’ car users often have £500-1000 worth of charges with leases. They accept that’s the cost of not caring about the car for the 3yr term!

Lease wise, I’ve used Gateway2Lease a couple of times in the past, no real issues. I was looking for a friend this week and this Kia wagon looked reasonable value, over a 3yr term. Based on 8k miles, 3+35 was £249 a month:

Leasing.com can also be a handy tool for looking at deals across a variety of brokers:

As ever, you pay your money and take your choice. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do Mick :+1:


Thanks Steve, very informative and I’ll be looking later.
One bit of advice I’ve already taken onboard is, chase the deal not the car. I’m set on two particular makes/models but that Kia deal is certainly an eye opener.

Back burner for now as in steps my daughter with a problem, dad can you help find me a 7 seater used car/MPV, mine failed it’s MOT and it’s uneconomical to repair.
I’m trying to help but the budget and her and my location aren’t exactly close, so looking at prospective buys isn’t going to be easy.:thinking:

Spot on.

I should have mentioned that as well, with being flexible. ‘The law of leasing’ tends to dictate that if you’re looking for an exact make/model, the deal never seems to be suitable!

And best of the luck with your other emergency search :crossed_fingers:

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From everything I’ve heard the kia warranty is very good provided you’ve held up your end with on time, main dealer services. A workmates mum had one for over 4 years and by that time the diamond cut surfacing was going bad on all 4 wheels. They replaced them all no quibbles and even checked to see if the spare was in good condition.

Having said that, my experience with ford was quite the opposite on what was supposed to be their flagship vehicle and among their most expensive. They would do everything they could to avoid taking accountability for anything you brought up with them.

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The really big tax loophole for pickups is about to be closed: Pick-ups face huge tax hike as they lose commercial vehicle status | Autocar

Not sure if the VAT loophole will also be closed. You can’t reclaim VAT on normal cars unless they are solely for business use (rarely applies), but VAT-registered businesses can always reclaim it on light commercials, including pickups, and you can then use the vehicle as you wish. Can you reclaim VAT if you buy a car solely for business purposes?

These tax advantages are why the UK is one of the biggest markets in Europe for pickups.

Well after a few views of 7 seaters by me locally and my daughter 125 miles away in Wiltshire I put her on to one 5 miles away from her home. Glad to say the small dealer has been fab with her, it hopefully turns out to be a good one. She wanted a Kia, then turned to a Citroen but ended up with a Toyota.:smile:

Back to looking at lease cars.


Top result, well played Mick :+1:

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