Hi all just got some great leather seats from ebay,can any one tell me will  the wiring loom in my 2006 1800 nc be able to suport them,and do all leather seats have heaters?

Hi John,
Do you have the heater switch sockets behind the lower dash trim, if so It will be pre wired If these sockets are there then the heated seat plugs will be under your existing seats.
I take it they are mk3 leather seats ?

Hi Ruberdub i dontn have any switches in the dash pannel (looking on ebay)i was hoping to find the connectors behind dash pannel just trying to get some info befor taking the dash to bits,the seats are from 2014 1800 nc.

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Hi John,

i managed to to see the heater sockets behind the trim by removing the footwell trim and using a torch,

what year is your car ?


The NC2 and after had a different seat heating control system to the pre 2009 NC1 cars.

If your car is an NC1 then there is an issue even the wiring is there.

If your car is an NC2 and the wiring is there maybe you only need a switch.

The electrics can be different on the European cars as opposed to to the US Miatas therefore be careful about advice on Miata.net. Not saying it is diffrent but can be and most online wiring diagrams come from the US.

It may be worth paying for a wiring diagram off the Mazda European Portal if the wiring is different on the UK cars.

Hi John,

i have just noticed you have a 2006, the seats from a 2014 have a different switch and seat loom !