Lend me your ears. (HLA Clatter?)

 As people may be aware, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to hearing things being wrong with my car’s engine.
 This noise however is bugging me. Only noticed since putting the stainless manifold on.
It is like a ticking that is in time with the engine. Is it HLA clatter? 
Video of under the car:

I have this one of the engine bay:

 and this one of the zaust:

There are other videos here mostly dark as it was just for the sound.

The car was cold (just started after standing all day Saturday) and I think I need a new thermostat as the temp needle didn’t go past 1/4 way on Friday (see other post) Oil is just above the Low mark on the dipstick and was changed recently with fully synthetic oil (replacing fully synthetic oil) and has the Wynns leave in additive in it (supposed to reduce HLA noise)
Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

The video of the engine shows no sign of hla rattle all i can hear is induction roar

The one under the car sounds like a squeaking belt

Not much help sorry Mate

I thought as much regarding the HLA clatter. I had it a while ago and it sounded more like a diesel chugging for about 20 seconds after start up.
The guys over at nutz are thinking it sounds like a lead arcing.
 I have just had the PAS and Alternator belt replaced. No squealing noises but there is a whine sometimes from one of the belts (perhaps too tight?)
The slave cylinder might be the squeaking you are hearing too as I have yet again forgotten to get some grease in there whilst the car is up on the stands [:$]

Exhaust clip sounds nice!

Yea, I thought that too  - that’s why I included it [;)]  [:D]

Hi Halli, If it’s the high metallic rattling, I had similar for a while.
Wynn’s HLA and a slight overfill of fresh oil helped, but it was only until I used a flush and chucked in some Silkolene that it’s really gone. Don’t think it’s the HLA’s.
Definately sounds like a Leprechaun playing the tambourine.

I do have fully synthetic and Wynns HLA treatment in the car. I don’t think the sound is HLA clatter.
 Leprechaun, Hmmmm, you might have something there.