Limited edition 112/250

Hi guys!

Recently bought myself a 92 mx5. Can’t believe I’ve never bought one sooner!

Apparently it’s a limited edition one. Come with a little brass plaque and a certificate. 

Just wondering if anyone else has one. 

I want to know how much is still original of the beauty!!

Who else is part of the 250??? Mines 112/250

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Welcome to the addiction. 

You can discover a bit more about it here, including a pdf of the original brochure

EDIT.  Apologies.  I’ve just looked for the brochure at the foot of that page, and they have ‘improved’ their web site and so their link to the brochure pdf no longer works.

Hi Joey, and welcome.

I used to have an LE back in 1991 - long gone now, but still on the road, according to the DVLA’s MOT history website.  It was 001.

The link above takes you to a pretty accurate description - apart from two fundamental errors. The LE was based of course on the 1600 not 1800, as the 1800 hadn’t been introduced in 1991. Also, the polished alloy wheels are actually by Italian manufacturer OZ, and not BBS.

Original bits on your car should include those unique alloys (with matching BRG paint between the spokes), with bigger (for the period) 205/50-15 tyres, lacquered wooden wheel, handbrake handle and gearknob, ‘Wilton’ carpet overmats, the tan leather seats, Clarion CRX-111R radio/cassette player, that brass plaque on the crash pad, ‘Limited Edition’ badge on the rear panel, black vinyl hood with interior-matched tan hood cover, dark green leather document wallet with matching numbered brass plaque - and a dark green leather ‘Limited Edition’ key fob! (the only bit of mine that I still have).

I have a couple of copies of the original brochure, which I can scan and put up here if you’d like. Enjoy your LE! - and get it registered on the MX5OC’s ‘Special Editions’ register.


greetings Joey
welcome to the clan

Some relevant reading from UK’s ‘Car’ magazine, April 1991  





Hi Joey - welcome to the LE Club.  There are about 20 here on the register including mine , number 131.  hopefully you still have the original wheels which are getting very hard to to find now.  Send me a PM if you need more info. and get a few pics. up so we can have a look at her !   In meantime , here is 131…

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Welcome and enjoy .

My baby. 112/250


2017 :

2018 :


see you in Normandy next year

Hi - I am a bit late to the party, but recently bought Number 92 and she has had a full restore over the winter. Great car and hope you have as much fun as I do! Hang on to her as the value will only head north! Not sure how many left in circulation.