link to forums not on new one

Haven’t been on forum for a few days - so this is a bit of a culture shock.[:O]

Would be useful if handy link to click on to get to old forum to find stuff not on here yet  - like the forums for the different areas!  I finally found one hidden in a post but don’t know where so can’t add here for others also lost.

Think I need to go and lie down in darkend room to recover! [8-)]

Oh No! just hit preview and looks like need to reset signatures/ tags etc ahhh! [8-)]  [*-)]Need very dark room - well will have to wait to gather strength for tec stuff at weekend then -

I’ sure it will all be wonderful when up and running and we have all got used to changes

p.s. could we have date UK way round and not US?[:)]

go here its business as usual over there for a little while…

 I will go look at the date thing, I though I had the right.!

Thanks for link on front page too

…    date? …