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Hi, Dave here, a new member wondering why I never drove an MX5 till now. I’m enjoying my NB although it’s rained every day since I picked it up :roll_eyes:. I’m pleased with the general condition and mechanically, but I will need to sort out the underside which is better than some but needs doing. I live near Neath in South Wales and am wondering if anyone can recommend somewhere that could give me an estimate for the work and are also helpful and sensibly priced, or could at least advise me honestly about what needs doing. Thanks everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Your best plan is a trip to Mark at Total5, he’ll give you all the advice and look after any repairs. There will also be a return of Sat club when restrictions are lifted.

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Hi Dave I also recommend Mark @ total 5s Not only is he very knowledgeable he goes out of his way to help.

Mark has done a couple of things for me on my ND and im very picky. He did a great job and I have no problem recommending him.


Thanks Guys for your advice :notes:

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Theres a very good body shop on Winifred Road in Skewen. He’s done my chassis rails and a rotten rear wheel arch. Very good standard of work,and I could always run you home in my 2.5

Select Accident repair center

Thanks Dave

PM sent I think

Do you think you could seriously consider selling your car,so maybe we could get some sunshine back :grin: