Local MX-5 population density

I live in a smallish village , on my regular morning walk I pass a Blue NB Nevada , grey NC3, Red 25AE , Silver NB ,Silver NC Miyako and a black NC1 . And this is just the street parked one’s probably many more garaged … just wondering if this is higher than average?

I live in a North Nottinghamshire village, and on my walk I pass a blue NB which at the moment seems permanently connected to a battery trickle charger, a white NA (though normally garaged), got chatting with the owner who gave me a copy of Softtop/Hardtop! and a grey NC Hardtop. Saw another silver NC Softop the other day leaving a local street though not sure it resides there.

We had a walk down to the PO earlier this week and pass through a couple of avenues and then down the main road, about 1 mile total. I passed 2 parked up MX-5’s Mk1 and Mk3. On our way back a couple who we’ve not seen in a while had a Eunos parked on the drive, it’s usually in the garage. Chatting to them in passing I got to have a close up look at the car, in very good condition. We also have another Mk3 in our cul de sac, making 2 with mine.

I live in a small village of 25 houses and there’s my ND and a NC. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have two on my drive, the neighbour to the right has one, and the neighbour to the left when her son visits. So pretty dense here without leaving home… :grinning:

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I see a red soft top NC but it never moves, looks in good condition but that’s about it locally. Most cars here are big and German. I live on the border of South East London and Bromley Kent.

so pretty average really I guess but for balance I am a little light of NAs and NDs …