Lockdown locks....! How is the wind in your hair these days......?!

I normally get a Number 1 buzz-cut done once a month at my village barber shop…
But with lockdown being eased and the fear of going for a drive gone, the brighter weather, longer hair has made the driving experience so much better…! Wind in the hair has never felt so good :slight_smile: Your experiences are most welcome…!

I’ve no choice brother. I’m a nude nut so the only wind in my hair is if I forgot to do my flies up! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


No different, I have my own live in hairdresser.

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I cut my own hair (zero), so I never turned hippy.
The only new feeling for me now the hat’s come off, is that of the sun tanning my skull.
But having had long hair 3 times in my life, I understand the joy of your “dog leaning out of the car window” moment.

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Almost back to the 'seventies for me - It was shoulder length then and getting on for it again now.
(Albeit infinitely greyer, and it’s not receding, it’s just that my forehead’s advancing!)


I couldn’t go back to the 70’s, too many split ends.:dizzy_face:



Is it just me or is there a bit of Charles Bronson going on there :wink:


I have not had mine cut since before Christmas and I am now back to my 80’2 mullet. Not as keen this time around though. Going for a cut today - will enjoy the drive home more, as I do not have to worry about trying to get my wayward hair sorted out when I arrive home!! I feel like an Afghan Hound at the moment!

Tbh, I stopped paying for haircuts years ago. Because I always tie my hair back in a clasp anyway, there’s really no point. Instead, I just pull it into a tie, one snip with a pair of scissors and I’ve saved myself £30 and half an hour of hairdresser guffery!!

I have not had mine cut since October, yes I get the whole wind in your hair thing with the roof down, but I do find it very warm and with better weather in sight it will have to go.

Just got back from the barbers. I feel like a new man! So liberating and when I got home I did not have to sort my shaggy mane out! Luxury. Hood down both ways, heated seat and heater on full.

Sounds like most people have been off to the Barbers what a shame, we could have started a new trend. The MAZDA MULLET. :man_dancing:t2:


MickAP, me too - she uses electric clippers

Not sure I would trust rechargeable ones, knowing my luck the battery would go flat half way through. End up looking like Arthur Scargill or something.

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Would you believe I cut Mrs A’s hair too, short back and sides​:dizzy_face::grin:
Not really, I do take the scissors to it though, about an inch off the back every few weeks.
Neither of us has seen an hairdresser in years.:grin:


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