Looking for a MK2.5 or Mk3

My brother inlaw is in the market for a late MK2 or early Mk3.
I don;t think he’s over bothered about the engine size, but more interested in the condition.
Ideally, the car will have to have been molly coddled, something which has spent most of the harsh weather under cover.
A budget of around £4k.
Mileage no more than 60k
If anyone knows of anything in or around Wakefield, Leeds, Barnsley, Sheffield, I would appreciate a heads up.

Check this guys videos out. Not to sure where he lives though

I believe he’s Stoke based and he’s got it up for 6 and a 1/4 grand, more than 50% more than the OP’s target figure.
I think the pricing is a little optimistic myself…

I believe that’s the car from some youtube videos ,mods etc

Just a follow up, he’s fallen for a 2010 20th aniversary edition.
He paid quite a bit more than his original budget.

He’s been and bought it today. It appears a nice car.

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