Looking for (local) pre-sales advice for my dad's car

Hi everyone, guest forum member here. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post, it seemed the best bet for local advice before casting the net wider.

My dad passed away in 2018, leaving behind a 1994 Mk1 Mx5 that he had been working on until he fell ill in 2016. The car has been garage-bound since mid 2016 with little preparation for such a long dormant period. I know that the battery is dead, and can assume that petrol, oil etc will need refreshing if not entirely draining, cleaning and replacing.

So, we’re currently at a cross-roads - do we invest time and money in the car to get it back to road-worthiness, and then sell it on? Or do we cut our losses and find someone willing to take on the car as a project?

The car is located in Hungerford, Berkshire, hence posting to this group for local advice. Would anyone be able to provide details of trusted garages/mechanics, and/or would anyone know of someone who might be interested in taking the car off our hands, please?

Thanks in advance for any advice received!

Hi, your post will interest many people on here (some of whom might want to take the car off your hands), but we will all want to know what stage of rebuild the car is at and what condition the body/chassis is in. Do you have any photos?

I would suggest that investing time in most cars of this age is only worthwhile if you enjoy it and want to keep the car, but others may disagree.

I would like to offer to come and have a look at it for you, so you can have some advice on what you have and what you could be doing with it.

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Whilst the battery is probably knackered by now, it’s worth putting on charge and see if you can get any life out of it before investing in another.
I’d put a gallon of fresh fuel in the tank, just to refresh the old stuff, and see if you can get her started.
For the sake of £50, an MOT will tell you if the car has any major issues.

Depending on the condition of the car, a MK1 is worth anywhere from £500 to maybe £5000.
A £500 car isn’t worth investing time and money on in my opnion, but a £5000 car, well that’s a different story.

A few pics would help.

Hi, thanks for your reply, sorry it’s taken a while for me to get back to you, I’m in the situation of only having more work to do during Covid, so things are pretty hectic!
As noted the car is in Hungerford. If you were able to come and see the car one day next week (maybe Tuesday 30th?) that would be very much appreciated - I can also get some photos as suggested by SteveGiles and Keat63!
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