Looking for mx5 mk1

Hi there,

I’m looking for a MK1 Mx5, I’ve been keeping my eye out over the last couple of months but the market seems to have dried up.

I’m looking for a car which is roughly £3000, please drop me a message if you know of any good examples.


Hi John,

I have decided that I am going to change my Mk1 1.6 an Golf GTI for a new ND. Therefore I am going to sell my MK1. Below are a few pictures, but unless it goes to someone who wants it on here, I will advertise it.

In summary I bought it 2 years ago, have changed the brakes (standard - disks and pads from MX5 parts), exhaust (standard), battery, wing mirrors and gear lever rubber (and the turret oil). I also put on 4 new Dunlop tyres which have done about 1500 miles, so are like new. I also needed just over £1,100 of welding etc to get through the MOT, but it is fairly good now. The paint looks great from 10ft, but closer inspection shows the paint is a bit rough in places.

Anyway, I am looking for approx £2k, which would leave you some money left over for ongoing work, as they all need this. Mechanically it is excellent and has done about 125k miles.

Its a UK car and the MOT is mid year. It has a very recent hood too (vinyl with plastic window in excellent condition) and the car is fairly standard. I also added a new DAB radio and speakers and had the rear number plate surround painted.

I am based in Cheshire and the car is in my garage.

mazda side MX5 - 2 MX5 - 3

MX5 - 2

Hi Ian,

Thanks for sending me the details of your car but unfortunately I don’t think it’s for me. I’d prefer a 1.8l and I’m based down in Southampton and would prefer not to travel up to Cheshire. Thank you for your reply though and I hope you find a buyer!


No worries John, good luck in finding the right car!!


Hello John

I have a MK1 1.8iS for sale

It is a UK car

It has 84k miles and was first registered in 1994

It is very good condition

I can get you some photos

I am in Tunbridge Wells in Kent

Please call me to have a chat


07913 946312