Looking to buy a Mk2


I’m shopping for a Mk2. I’m unsure of the difference between a Mk2 and a Mk2.5.

Colour unimportant although a preference for red and against silver. Ideally, a 1.6 as I want to get my 24-year-old son insured on it. Must be ULEZ exempt (so no Eunoses). A hardtop would be nice. I’m in Finchley, North London.
Clearly, rust is the most important criterion. Either not there or fixed. A recommendation for a local garage would be good too.

I’ve chosen a Mk2 because I think the drive better than Mk3s and Mk1s are starting to get more expsnisve.

Budget : £3,000 or thereabouts.

Hello Simon.
Opinions differ, but my thoughts are buy on condition only, and lay aside colour & CC preferences as secondary box-ticks. The real life target is to get one not yet dissolving, and get it sorted out to prevent dissolving…if it’s a Keeper.
The NB and NBFL (Face Lift) have much in common…I have an NBFL. Pretty much a Cher plastic fantastic nose job really, but later NBFL’s came with more showroom blobby toys.
It’s crucial above all considerations to be pretty forensic about these years…so much is on Googly regarding hidden rot.
3k is quite an acceptable sum to nail a wee corker Simon, but be prepared for a long haul hunt. There are so many shiny sheds out there with more Daily Record ( or probably Sun) and plastic padding for sills now…including the all important engine bay chassis rails.
Equally, honest (relatively) rot free plug and play examples are out there.
Whatever you end up with, you will be buying into a global legend!

I’d recommend watching a few YouTube Mx5Restorer videos.

Check DVLA MOT infos. Look for gaps in annuals, and look for cars that fail on rot one day, and “pass” (cough cough) the same or next day. They smell of bodge-mobile unless a minor patch weld was required or something.
Check my other 5, a rotten Mk1 Reg L483 LNA for one example I’ve owned for 14 years. It was laid up for a long time till I had it (photographed) 3 months nut and bolt restored it nearly 2 years back.

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Hi Simon

I am thinking of selling my red 45k car and have sent you a personal message with my contact details if interested


I’m not sure that any of the NBs are ULEZ exempt. My 1.8 certainly isn’t.

2003 onwards NB tend to be ULEZ compliant.
MK2 seems to be the most prone to rust because you have the usual sills but also the chassis legs.

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I’ve now bought one.

Dumb questions. Is it a VVTi? Is it a 2 or a 2.5? It is very clean. Sills done, no rust on chassis rails. A little around the battery but that will be done. 30k miles huge service history.

Lovely looking car. Same year as mine. Its a 2.5. Enjoy it

It’s full anorak label is NB(FL) FL= Face Lift.
Blob chart BHP circa 146 BHP-ish.
VVTi is a bit of a joke TBH…you wont notice it and it won’t do a Honda on you.
Need to be prepared to rev it above 4k to get anything close to nippyness by today’s standards.
How things move on. Ours ( and yours) has a very similar Power to Weight ratio as a Capri 2.8i V6 with it’s piddling 160 BHP & bigger kerb weight and similar 0-60 if thrashed, and the same as my 3ltr Opel Monza 180 BHP which weighed in around the same as an aircraft carrier.
Have fun