Looking to buy an ND.. Advice please

Hi all

I currently own a 2007 NC Z Sport …love it!!
However,I’ve been thinking of changing it for an ND probably 2016 to 2018.After a little helpful advice from you ND owners please.
How do they compare to my NC?..pros n cons…?
Which model and engine size would be best ? Quite like the idea of the RF.
Any idea of prices at the moment?

Thank you in advance​:+1::wink:

I have driven an NC but never owned one, (was going to but they bought out the ND which I preferred…)
I have owned A,B and now a D. and I would consider the C to be a bit more of a “tourer”, while the D is in the same mold as the NA.
For one the (NDs) are smaller with (very) limited storage space inside the cabin.
I test drove both 2 ltr and 1.5 NDs and for me I preferred the 1.5.
You will probably notice a bit of a difference in economy as the 1.5 can easily achieve 50+mpg (if that’s your thing).
It really depends on what you are looking for in an MX, and also whether it is your “daily drive” or a bit more of a “fun” car.
Best thing is to take one out for a spin first and see if it suits you or you suit it!..at the end of the day they are all great cars!!
happy hunting…

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My advice is to ignore everyone as we will only tell you how fantastic our own choices have been.

You must drive each one and then only you can judge what is right for you.


Probably best waiting a few months, prices are sky high, probably 20% more than this time last year because of the chip shortage.
Lots of people can’t get new NDs so are buying used ones.

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I love my ND, on my second as I succumbed to the orange 30th Anniversary model. Can comment on the NC as never owned/driven one but the ND is a delight. Region trip to Scotland last year allowed limited exploration of the handling with big grin factor.

RF takes time to get the cover on and off unlike the rag which is on and off from the driver’s seat in seconds. It is said the 1.5 litre is a more engaging drive than the 2 litre but I had no choice as the 30th anniversary model was 2 litre only. My previous was a 2 litre as well.

The ND is a wonderful car that I simply enjoy whenever I’m behind the wheel.

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