Looking towards resuming our drives in the future

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be nice to share with you the lovely reply I had from Cecile, at the Sussex Brewery.

You may recall, at is was some time back now, that our last event was the visit to Immaculate Detailing, which was excellent. The Wednesday following the immaculate Detailing visit, we were due to visit The Sussex Brewery but the dreaded Covid-19 had other ideas and we all went into lockdown. We plan to resurrect this visit but not until it is safe to do so and it will probably be, if possible, in late September/October, at the earliest, so something to look forward to.

Knowing that The Sussex Brewery is a firm favourite in our calendar and enjoyed by many of you, I emailed them to see whether they are working toward opening their doors again sometime soon and Cecile kindly responded, as given below.

Best Regards


Dear Mal,
It’s good to hear from you.
I’m glad to hear you are all looking forward to visiting us as soon as
it is possible to do so.
We have been given some indications of what is likely to happen for the
Pub trade. Although it has not been yet confirmed, it is difficult to
give you a clear response I’m afraid.
So far, what we know is that the beginning of July is likely to allow
Pubs to open their doors with some strict social distancing and hygiene
measures. We will not be able to run at full capacity and groups people
coming from different households will be limited to small numbers. We
suspect, with presumption and optimism, that our larger areas will be
able to accommodate up to 10 people on separate tables.
We are yet to find out the full extend of those restrictions and we will
be seeking advice from our local authorities, where we can, to follow
the necessary rules. It is possible that these measures will remain in
place as late as October, but again this has not been confirmed…
If that is okay with you, I would suggest that we get in touch with you
again once we have a clear vision on when and how we can safely welcome
you and your group back to The Sussex Brewery.
I am sorry that I am not able to give you a clear answer, the
information we have remain unclear for now.
Unfortunately all members of our staff are currently furloughed,
including Katia. Again, I am unsure on what our workforce capacity will
consist of until this transition period end, as their safety is also
paramount to us, but in the meantime I will do my very best to keep you
I hope you have all remained well and healthy and we look forward to
seeing you again soon.
With kind regards,

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Well thats a lovely message. Must be so hard for the pub/food industry all of this. Feel really bad for them all

Totally agree Max. It was very disappointing, especially as The Sussex Brewery is our last indoor event before Evening Drives resume. But, let’s hope we can get there in the Autumn for when Evening Drives end and we can sample some delicious Sossies​:+1::yum: