Lose rear on right hand turns

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __MK2 1.8s
  2. I’m based near: __Leyland
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __ Hi All, A few months ago my MX5 broke away on a familiar roundabout at a much lower speed than expected. I put it down to recent heavy rain and the possibility of dirt on the rural road, combined with the now well worn cheap tyres which I have wanted to replace since I got the nice set of original wheels they came on.
    With working from home, I haven’t used it much, but my wife had a similar experience a few weeks ago, so I bought a full set of Michelin PS3. I haven’t driven on my usual commute, or much at all as still working from home, but driving today I thought it might have felt slightly different in terms of balance when turning right. I could just have been my imagination. The old tyres had all worn evenly, and the car stays straight under acceleration and braking, with no clunks. Any suggestions welcome.
    Thanks, John

Change of tyres would prompt me to check if they set the correct pressures.
Check also for brakes binding, you say the cars it’s not been used much
Difficult really diagnosis over the internet for this type of problem.

Diesel on the roundabout? Is it on a popular Lorry route ? Rural could be a farm vehicle diesel spill, ask a local biker.


Get your alignment checked

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Tyre pressures first, and easiest and most likely on a set of new tyres - they are rarely set to the correct pressure, mainly because they might drop a bit in the first few miles while the tyres settle on the rims.

The highest pressure tyre is often the one to break away first.

Brakes or wheel bearings, use an optical thermometer to see if one disk/hub is running hotter than the others.

Also check shock absorber damping, it might be inadequate on the corner being lost.

Check for a broken spring.

You said the old tyres were evenly worn, but still check the wheel alignment after a hundred miles or so when the new tyres have settled properly on the rims. Think of it as an investment in tyre life and your own safety.

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Hello John
May I suggest you contact CBS Autos Ecroyd Street Nelson BB9 7BJ
01282 697413 ask for Carl? www.mx5specialists.com
Carl cannot cure diesel on roundabouts but knows MX5’s inside & out.

Hi Everyone, Thanks for the responses. I will check the tyre pressures first as easiest, Though at the moment I am not sure if I am being paranoid and imagining it feels different left to right. I’ve not been on a suitable road / area to test the balance properly.
To clarify, the new tyres haven’t caused the issue, but I am not sure that they have fully cured it as I had hoped.
I will hopefully have time to take the wheels off next weekend, check the springs and see if I can see anything amiss. Do you expect much movement if you pry the suspension bushes?
When I got the tyres fitted, the receipt had a complementary inspection section which said “brakes pads and disks 50% worn” and " Suspension components - No Issues" but I don’t put much value on that!

Another quick check you can do is measure ride height. Is the distance from hub centre to wheel arch the same on each side (front to back can be different)? Should be the same, but inevitably a few mm difference may occur and would not likely be noticeable. But 10mm or more is telling you something is wrong.

But can’t help but think a shock absorber is degraded, they don’t all go at the same rate and an imbalance is likely as cars get older.

All else being equal, there will be a slight difference turning right or left when driving alone as there’s a circa 80kg deadweight sitting in the driver’s seat causing an imbalance! In theory, the tyres would be around 40kg pre-loaded more on a left than right turn.

Think thats a mad idea? WW2 jeeps had stronger (extra leaf?) springing on the drivers side to counter the always loaded in use condition.

Sorry. No.

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Fair comment from a trusted expert. You set my tyres spot on, and they’ve held their air very well.

Unfortunately in my jaded experience many other fitters do not measure up to your high standards.

So I’ll be very happy to drive up to Northampton for my next set of tyres.

It is worth the trip

Maybe a mixture of rain and diesel on the road and once it happens you are always looking for it.
There is a roundabout in bamber bridge with an adverse chamber I’ve lost back end twice there it’s so bad. Also roundabout near Walton summit always bad with diesel from waggons

Good to know its not just me. The car has been my daily driver for about three years, and it was my wife’s for about four years before that, and I’d always felt confident with it previously enjoying the roads on my rural commute. I will have a good look over it at weekend and see if I can see anything wrong. I agree the dampers may have given up after 128k miles and 20 years. i will see if i can see any oil leaking - if I have a broken spring i might replace the dampers too whilst i have them off