Loud metallic rattle from front drivers side corner

Afternoon everyone.

Every time I go over a uneven road, pot hole, manhole there’s a loud what I would call a metallic rattle from the drivers front wheel.

Only happens with that one wheel. I’ve put new dics and pads all round and double checked. Put new drop links all round yesterday, still the same. Model is a mk3 niseko prht, standard suspension but with 30mm eibachs which have been on over a year with no problems.

Does it with roof up or down. Tools and jack taken out and put back in. Definitely sounds like a loose type rattle. Spring checked no cracks or breaks. Convinced something to do with the strut maybe bump stop broken?

Now scratching my head - help! :tired_face:

Mine does it on rears - pretty sure it’s the bump stops

Interesting my NC Miyako is the same, always done it since I bought it.

New discs and pads all round, new front and back drop links, new anti roll bar bushes front and back.

Makes the noise when I go over bumps but doesn’t move enough to hit bumpstops.

I can’t find anything either???

Ideas welcome.


I had a similar type rattle from the rear rear of my NC also which I managed to cure just yesterday, for me it was the brake pads rattling against the shims fitted to the pads, removed and cleaned brake pads, removed the shims from the brake pads and noticed wear marks between the shims and brake pads particularly on piston side, applied some copper grease between shims and pads etc , reassembled and took for a drive, silence, job done.

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I have exactly the same at the moment on the NS rear corner. I thought it was a loose body panel for ages and took one piece off at a time that I thought it could be, tried drop links too just in case, still not found it. I got some new coilovers being delivered soon because I know my rear suspension is a bit of a mess so thought it could be to do with that. I’ll try Andrew’s brake pads trick tonight to see if that does it for me too.

Try a small amount of pressure on the brake pedal next time you hear it. If it goes away, it’s the pads!


Or the Caliper pins are sticking letting the brake pads rattle in the housing?

Thank you to @march for the idea.

Just got in from work. Took the 5 out and found a stretch of road around the corner from home. Went over rough road and man hole covers and the rattle was there, went over same stretch with the brakes applied no rattle.

Just got to find out what’s wrong.

Thanks to everyone, if anyone could comment on what to look for/check it would be appreciated.

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Check that the slide pins are working correctly, remove clean and re grease with rubber grease… remove the pads and grease the contact points on the carriers. Make sure the piston works correctly before you strip anything down. Lubricate the back of the pads and shims before you re assemble. And while you are there just bleed enough fluid from the calipers to clear them out, then top up the reservoir. If you can’t do this then any garage should be able to do the work, say 30 to 60 mins each side.

Thanks alben, appreciate the advice.

I just found my problem, one of the bolts holding the caliper in place had come out so the caliper is loose and so is the disk. So the sound was the disk and caliper moving and rubbing on the inside of the wheel. Tightened everything and it’s pretty solid now, but I still have a caliper bolt missing at the moment. No noise over bumps on the test run though. Just in case that helps you. I need to get another bolt still, but it’s ok for now.

Thing is with my car I have replaced my brake pads, shims and discs all round and lubricated as stated above using ceramic grease, nothing wrong in there as far as I can tell.

The pads do need to float a tad so maybe its just the pads rattling.

MOT recently after my brake replacements showed near perfect brake balance front and back and I had no issues during 1,000 mile overal journey driven on the recent South West 500 trip around Cornwall.

I’m just accepting it until I find it or someone else does.


You say it’s OK for now with a caliper bolt missing. ???
You’re a braver man than me.

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I spent ages trying to find my mx highly annoying ‘paint can’ rattle… even 3 garages had no idea… like you, I noticed a light touch of the brakes stopped the rattle - it turned out to be the shims n springs that hold the pad securely in place. Some pads don’t come with the shims n springs, but they are available separately as a little kit for about a tenner… job done :slight_smile: god knows how the original shim n spring managed to get out while being driven!!!

I bought some more caliper bolts to replace the missing one and have a few spare, but I figured I drove the car for about 3000 miles as it was before and it was OK, so a little bit more with everything that’s in tightened shouldn’t be too bad.

Hello All

Just thought I’d update.

Went to see our friends at SPA mx5 Ilkeston this morning. Looks like the lower wishbone arm, well the bush that’s under the driver feet has disintegrated allowing movement thus the metallic rattle when I hit manhole and pot holes. He’s going to get me a price then I’ll get it done.

Cheers everyone for they’re suggestions.