Lovely bird mess!

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up to this after cleaning the car to within a inch of its life the evening before :flushed: not that I live by the coast or an albatross farm, he must have had a well upset stomach​:grin:

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They target freshly washed cars, well the birds that roam my way do.:thinking::grin:


Never mind, it could mean good luck, look it that way.

At least it’s mainly on glass, just imagine if that lot were on the roof fabric!

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I got “seagulled” last night, right in the centre of the soft top. Welcome to Hunstanton!

I would not be advertising that I had been seagulled !

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I must say, thats cr*p…

I have some paint damage on my bonnet from when I bought the car where there was bird poo and it had not been washed off as it eats away at the paint if not dealt with fairly quickly. But be careful as you have to remove it carefully or you get scratches…

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Car is ceramic coated so “stuff” comes off paintwork easily. The soft top is also protected, but marks are harder to move.

Ever since I came out (of the garage) I don’t mind admitting I’ve been “seagulled” :laughing::rofl:

Lucky enough the bulk missed the roof, I just soak it with the hose spray and leave for 5 minutes or so hose off then a spray shine and buff…again.

I keep mine in the garage until necessary being on a direct flight line between two lots of fishing lakes used by dozens of Greylag and Canada geese with their bucket sized poos. And “yes” I’ve copped one or two headwise, not a very pleasant experience I can assure you!

Is it better if you are bald or have a full head of hair?

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Supposedly it encourages hair growth…

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Bald definitely :+1:! You can just rinse most of it off prior to shampooing. :smiley: With a full head of hair - murder! :-1: How do I know? :thinking: Because I’ve been hit with both versions! :crazy_face:

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If you’re prepared to leave it on your head for a couple of weeks! :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grimacing: :crazy_face:

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My other car had a ceramic coating from new, a bird cr*p strike burned through the coating. The guarantee does not apply to this. A bottle of remover came with the bag of goodies but it is no use once you had been “got”.

I feel your pain, a neighbour of mine keeps pigeons!! try to wash it off straight away.

I do live by the coast with lots of seagulls around and had this happen recently