Lovely ND at Muckle Roe, Shetland

A lovely ND parked in the car park for Muckle roe, Shetland and a wee bonus picture for anybody wondering what Muckle Roe is like - beautiful place!


I’ve a friend born on Shetland now living in Meriden England, any opportunity to tell anybody that Shetland was where they were born is the first thing they say - you know what? looking at Muckle Roe I think I would tell everybody as well!

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It’s a pretty incredible place. It’s onlt downfall is the weather. If it isn’t windy then its foggy, sometimes it’s both, but on the days like this when its clear and calm, its absolutely gorgeous, and steeped in interesting history as well. Well worth the day (or more) travel to get here if you make a trip of it I’d say.

Going off topic slightly but picking up on what you said about the weather up there, many years ago my wife and I toured around Scotland and the Isle of Skye, and at one point stayed in a B&B just outside Portree.
With the mist and rain it was motorcycling misery, but wherever we were ,when the clouds lifted and the sun came out , the scenery was absolutely breathtaking, plus I loved Haggis suppers.

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Sumburgh airport is the only place I’ve seen Force 8 fog!


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