Lowering the standard seats of a 2013/14 model



New here & new to the MX5 so I hope this is in the right area


I am looking to get a 14 plate 1.8 soft top, but being 6’ 2" my head is jammed right against the roof(well,it was when I took a tin top for the test drive-no 1.8 availible-so I dont know if there is a bit more leeway in the soft top.


So I was wondering if there as any way of lowering the seat to give an inch or two more room? It cant be permanent as it will be a lease car so I presume it would mean removing runners or springs or something(can you tell I am a technological no hoper ) Will the supplying garage be able to do it,or is it even a factory option? I wont need the seat to go back & forth so Im hoping the runers will be the solution



I think you need to try the ST as my head hits one of the metal support frames, it doesn’t on the PRHT, but in the end for me it’s down to the seat positioning I use front to rear (seat height is at it’s lowest.

Have a look here, lots of info about NC seat height.


Pete (So there is a benefit in being shortLaughing)

Are you sure the fitted as standard height adjustable seat was lowered? I am 6’3 and fit fine in the “tin top” (point of fact its a carbon fibre top) in all versions of the MK3. In fact I own one of the ones without the adjustable seat.


I’m 6’ 3" and can get in either the ST or HT (but more head room in the ST), for me it’s the leg room that is the limiting factor.

Definitely try a ST before doing anything too radical, but check the seat is at the low setting (adjustable height on mk3.5 and later).

Later model pre-facelift NC had height adjustable driver’s seat too.

I would not be so certain that it is carbon fibre judging from Mazda’s own publications…which in fact yes the details make it a member of the “composite family” however that is where the similarities end, as the materials used make it the cheaper glass fibre as opposed to carbon fibre.

“Innovative plastic composite materials are used for the hard-top In its efforts to keep additional weight for the hard top version as low as possible, Mazda used two different kinds of materials, sheet moulding compound for the outer panels and glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene for the inner panels of the retractable roof.”

SMC is again glass fibre based not carbon.

I am 6’ tall and drive a soft top mk3.5. I found that reclining the seat back helped me to fit in the car more comfortably. An issue to watch out for is vision. I am looking through the upper part of the windscreen and if I lower the sunvisor then visibility ahead is very limited. It is a small, low car and this has constrained the head room.

I have that problem and I am just under 6 ft, as the visor comes down so far I find a cap far more useful.

Thanks for the info folks. I will try a soft top if I can find one-dealer didnt have any for sale,even 2nd hand! Will have to waste another dealers time it seems. And I will make sure the seat is fully lowered,I thought it was but may have been mistaken. Need to make sure my large arse isnt n the way :slight_smile:

Cliveju/ninja59,I certainly noticed the top of the window frame in my eyeline,I will definitely be needing a hat…now,flat cap.bobble hat or 1 of those furry russian things :slight_smile: