Mark 1-2-3-4

Have just joined the club. I’m not sure, which MX-5, i have, Mark 1-2-3-4, purchased on 27/03/21. It’s a 2018, think i’m going mad


Hi Steve, yours should be a Mk4 if it is a 2018 model.

Hello Steve, Yep, 2018 will be a mk4 (from 2015 onwards) more often referred to as the ND. Mk1 being the NA … and so on.
Post a picture, it will be great to see what you have treated yourself to.

Look at the VIN - JMZND…? That identifies it. ND = Mk.4

Hi Steve, and welcome… As others have said, it is a Mk4, ND… Mine was registered in Sept. 2018 and is an ND2 (First Update) I think that most registered from about Sept. 2018 would be ND2… :slight_smile:

Welcome Steve sounds like you are the lucky owner of an Mk4 ND to me, for comparisson here is my '02 Mk2 or NB, it actually a facelift model so more accurately known in these hallowed halls as a Mk 2.5 or NBFL.

More important than the nomenclature is that you enjoy your new purchase and maybe some of the company you will find both here and among fellow MX5 owners in the 1.0 ‘real’ world :wink:


Thank you guys, wow what a brilliant forum. The only issue, after getting it checked out at the local garage, to ensure all in good working order, the clutch slave cylinder was leaking, so havent had a chance to drive it as yet, parked outside house, just keep polishing, with the good old Mguires. The car is 2008 and not 18, so think it’s Mark 2

wow very nice

Stick a picture up, 2008 is MK3

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The NB is my favourite shape and I always wanted a red one, but mine was dark blue


Hi Steve it’s an NC or MK3 depends what you like to call it. :+1:

Stunning colour Steve, you can tell you have been polishing her too.
I am looking through everyone’s pictures and thinking no matter what mark you have NA, NB, NC or ND they are all gorgeous.


That’s a great comment - All 5’s are gorgeous, and I really enjoy looking at all the wonderful photos on the pages of the Owners Club. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can meet some of you guys, with a real passion for the amazing car

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Whereabouts are you Steve? The Club has various regions where members can meet.(Pandemic Allowing!) :slight_smile:

Eastbourne Rob, yeah really excited to meet up with you if poss

I’m up in the North East Midlands mate, so is likely you’ll meet up with OC members in your region…!