Mark 4 (ND) fuel consumption

I am still “running in” my 1.5 Sportnav and am amazed at the fuel economy. When I filled up the other day the computer was showing 50.7 from new and my brim-to-brim calculated result was at 53.3! I realise that this is likely to drop a bit as I get past the 600 miles run-in time and I let rip a bit more, but on the other hand as she loosens up it should get better - so this might be indicative of what I might get long term…

Today I was a bit freer with the revs and was cruising at about 70 (with the roof down, obviously!) and I got an reported 51+ on the computer when I switched off. This is almost on a par with my Hyundai 1.2l i20 I traded-in … amazing!

Just out of interest, what is everyone else getting?


That’s great - not long ago you would only expect that sort of consumption from a small diesel.


We took our 2.0 S-EL on it’s first proper outing the other day to Burford in the Cotswolds - about 65 mile trip along mainly ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads and not particularly dawdling around. It showed 42mpg which I didn’t think was bad compared to the NC. Again, I would expect this to improve once the car has loosened up a bit.

Running in I was getting early 40’s with 47 on a motorway run. With a bit more enthusiastic driving I seem to get early 30’s. Would be easy to average 40+ without too much hardship. Almost all the driving so far is roof down.



That’s great - not long ago you would only expect that sort of consumption from a small diesel.


I remember my parents having a weeks holiday touring Scotland sometime in the 50s in his little Austin A35.He was very proud to achieve just over 50mpg over the 1000miles.No motorways & not many dual carriageways,no 70mph speed limit but I dont think the A35 would do that anyway.Not much progress on the economy front.


1.5 ND, averaged over 45 MPG on a highland trip over 1000 miles, mixture of motoring, we used the potential of the car when we could though