Mark 4 v5 gearbox

Is it :thinking:

Guess if someone wants to fully explore their car, something like a Hyundai N car would be a better choice. Got a track warranty with that.

Not many manufacturers warrant their cars for racing, mazda have been replacing transmissions in the US on car’s that have been on track. I think the demands of racing are completely different to those of road use.

No one mentioned racing. The N cars are not warranted for racing, but track use. You don’t need to be ‘racing’ to be on a track.

OK but most manufacturers don’t warrant any track use either. If you are making the effort to take a car on track you’re not usually driving it the same as you would on the road.

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Yes, I agree with that. Makes you think though, if a box is warranted for track, like those N cars are, I doubt you’d have any trans issues during the cars lifetime.
I haven’t got one btw. I like the i20 N and think it looks cool, but I couldn’t part with my ND for one

My issue with Mazda is they do NOT warranty anything used on track but then (a few years ago) put a post on twitter saying ‘Track day Tuesday’ why not take your mx5 on track ???

FFS they wouldn’t cover a standard car we used on a charity day that broke giving passenger laps🏁


Didn’t the GR86 have the same thing? Some track ready advertising or something.

Are you seeing many broken transmissions still? There’s a lot of talk on about synchro issues on some the most recent car’s, wondered if you have seen any problems.

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust