Martin's motors...

Believe it or not I never ever had a readers rides thread at the other place. So here, in all there glory, are my 5s…

The green one. 2002 1.8 Sport.  Not on its proper wheels in this photo but on some white Enkies just for a change…

The nreen one,


The white one. 1.8 Roadster.  Thats number 1 son in there not me, btw.

The white onw


And the Merlot coloured one. 1.8 MX-5, but I only own a third of this one.

Project Merlot


Also have an Audi and a Fiat in the fleet but they’re not very exciting…!


Very nice cars, but my favourite by far has to be the white mk 1 [H]


Something tells me you only like Mk1s!


 I admit to being a tad baised [;)]

I do like later models, I just think the mark one has a classic look that will be very very difficult to beat [8-)]

Direct Line Car Insurance must love you !! [:D]

Cars look great as usual. [H]

Mark 1’s FTW

 Shall start of as I mean to go on.with the use of accronyms



Looking nice. Especialy the white one. I am contemplating getting my wheels finished in black and seeing how good yours look I might just get it done.


Okay, okay, I been trying to work this one out since you posted, what is FTW??

 SOmething really obvious no doubt [*-)]

“FTW” = “For The Win”

i.e. Favourite to triumph.

It became a catchphrase on some or other American gameshow and the interweb gulf stream eventually washed it up on these shores.

Got to say, Green is good…Is the sport lowered?

Yes, green is on the standard Sport shocks and Eibach springs, its pretty low…