Mazda boot rack diagram

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the boot rack tor a mk3/3.5 ?,i presume you get one with the fitting kit



The fitting kit should contain all the extra wiring you need.

See installation instructions …



Thanks mate



Does anyone know why the rack itself has 2 wires coming out of it but the harness has 3 wires for connection to the rack (via the 3-pole plug and socket).  My harness does not have that plug/socket and the white wire has been taped up.  What is the white wire for?

Yes. The plug connecting to the rack incorporates a switch to feed the car’s high level brake lamp when the rack is not connected.

Its illegal to have the high level brakelight and the integral brakelight wired up together, even, I was told, through a switch.  Thats why you get a plug-type thing in the wiring kit to fiddle about with in order to swap between the two.

I appreciate that the wiring config on the harness disables the normal high level light and enables the rack led strip. My question is why is the white wire not connected to anything at the boot lid interface?

Not really answering your specific question, but i have both my high level and rack light wired together AND a flashing diode tapped into the rack light.

And it’s gone through three MOTs like that.


I have also lost this plug so brought a replacement. The wiring diagram is not clear as to which wires are connected in this plug.

Can somebody have a look at theirs at let me know. Will save me pulling out all the plastics to trace it through.