Mazda Eunos for sale

I have a Mazda Eunos in my garage that was rented to an old guy who sadly died a month ago, owing me rent. Is anyone interested in taking it off my hands for a small sum? It has been in my garage since October 2012 and the MOT expired in December 2009. It was first registered in December 1991 and the mileage is 166,000km (103,000 miles). There is no number plate but I have the number plate from the tax disc. I don’t have car keys. I don’t have title to it but can get title to it (by applying to DVLA) if required. The car is in the Ilford, Essex area.

Log book is not proof of ownership. Technically, the car is part of the deceased’s estate. You have a claim to the estate, but pretty sure you can’t just sell the guy’s stuff without consent.