Mazda logo template

Hi-can anyone help? I want to “wrap” the Mazda logo on my MK3 bonnet and need a 1:1 scale paper template for accurate cutting of the 3M material-any thoughts please? Thanks

Cheers for that-the problem I’m finding is that none seem to be the exact size as the real one on my bonnet!

take the logo off wrap under it. then put the logo back on either silver or sprayed an appropriate colour.
There are two little washers that hold it in place if you just pull it off you loose these and need to ensure it’s 3m tapes on more securely.
Possibly take the bumper off, then take the logo off, then wrap whilst it’s off, then logo back on, and then refit.

I’m stuck trying to decide to wrap white, and cover in Martini stripes, or blue and orange Gulf colours.

I thought you could scale PNG files to the size you want.

Woa-not sure how to do that!You’re talking to a computer phobe I’m afraid!

Thanks for that-I’ve had a look and think I’ll try to find a template!!!

Out of interest, my MX5 is in WINNING BLUE and I’ve wrapped the wing mirrors and fuel cap in DRAGON FIRE RED-really pleased with it!