Mazda MX-5 Miata Mk4 ND 2015-2020 Red LED Boot Lid Strip. Plug & Play

Fits all MX-5 Mk4 ND 2015 onwards.

Plug and play installation.

No cutting into wiring.

Everything you need is in the kit. Red LED strip for under the boot edge with cable, plug and play adapter to connect to sidelight circuit, replacement grommets for cable routing, cleaning wipe and full instructions. No tools required. Prototype kit has been fitted by a novice in around 45 minutes with no problems.

Lights up whenever the sidelights are on giving the effect as shown in the picture.

£40 which includes UK delivery by Royal Mail.

EU delivery an additional £3, Australia and New Zealand additional £5, rest of the world additional £4.

Payment via bank transfer or PayPal.

If you would like to order drop me a message and I’ll reply with payment details.

Any questions, please ask.

You can download a copy of the instructions here -


The price isn’t there. :thinking:

Have you got a link please

Yes please. PM sent.

Yes please. PM sent

Wow, would love something similar for my nc

Sure it would look good on the NC but the ND is crying out for it as it lines up with the top line of light on the cluster.

Just a question. Does anyone know if the rear cluster connection is the same on the NC and ND?


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Not so much a cluster connection in the NC, more individual bulbs to the loom. This pic I took when I added a pair of wires to the reversing light (left bulb connector in pic), the other two bulb connectors are then indicator (middle) and brake+side (right)

Thanks Richard.

When I started doing the ND wind deflectors I had so many requests from NC owners that I couldn’t say no.

In this case I’ll resist!

Yes, it looks oem on the ND. :slight_smile:

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I wonder if 3.0, 3.5 and 3.75 are all the same in this respect??

yes please, looks a good deal, PM me please

PM sent :grinning:

Rapid delivery, arrived and fitted today not take much time at all :smiley:

Instructions are thorough and wipe was efficient.
Only issue was getting a stubborn grommet out!
I chose to fit the grommets over the LED strip as they weren’t budging over the plug.
I then fed the wire through the boot lid with grommets on which worked for me :sunglasses:
Initially, the ends didn’t want to stick until I re-routed the wire and closed the boot.

Mine aren’t as bright but I am not sure if that is because it is on Machine Grey rather than Soul Red…

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Mine arrived the day after ordering, excellent!
Took 20 mins to fit

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Thanks Ian.

As you probably noticed I taper the plug so it will go through the grommets but it takes a bit of twisting and pushing. Took me a lot of searching to find ‘rubber’ grommets that are actually made of rubber rather than slightly flexible plastic. As I said in the instructions holding the back of the plug and twisting the grommet on to it is the way to go.

I’m aware of another similar product on the market which in the instructions suggests using the existing grommet and plastic plugs with a slit cut from the edge using a craft knife and sliding it over the wire. Nothing to stop anyone using that method with my kit but personal opinion is that a grommet with just a hole the same size as the wire is better.

Doesn’t look quite as bright on the Machine Grey. Mine is Soul Red and the second prototype kit was on a Soul Red Crystal car. Maybe a thin strip of a pale coloured tape along the inside lip would do the trick if you want it a bit brighter. The LED strip is 120 LEDs per metre so pretty much blinding when viewed directly!

Congratulations on being first to post a picture and review.


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I did notice the taper on the plug and gave it a go but it was being rather stubborn :man_shrugging:

I like that fact you provided grommets as it makes the whole installation completely reversible.

My thoughts exactly regarding taping the inside lip, will let you know if/how I get on :slightly_smiling_face:

I learnt that the hard way :joy:

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Fitted today , great bit of kit , easy instructions to follow

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Looking good Mark. Thanks.

Sold the last of the first batch this afternoon. Last of the parts I need for second batch due in tomorrow. Will have them ready to go over the weekend. If anyone wants to order drop me a message and I’ll send payment details as soon as they are ready to go.