Mazda MX-5 Mk3 NC Miata 2006 - 2015 Acrylic Wind Blocker / Deflector Clear or Tinted

Mazda MX-5 Mk3 NC Miata 2006 - 2015 Acrylic Wind Deflector 2006 - 2015 models. . Suitable for both soft top and PRHT hard top retractable roof models
Designed as a replacement for the plastic mesh wind deflector fitted as standard Around 25mm taller than the original part at the sides so should be a little more effective but without access to a wind tunnel I’m not claiming any improvement with regard to this. Any taller than this would make it difficult to open and close the roof from inside the car. The dropped centre section is fractionally lower than the original.
Unlike the original please be aware this is fixed and does not fold down. Unlike some similar products my kit does not require any drilling or screwing into the vehicle. Bottom mounting panel and side supporting guides are attached using genuine 3M brand tape. 5mm thick clear acrylic sheet which is laser cut to my own design which can be easily cleaned using just soap and water. Acrylic will not yellow from exposure to UV rays as polycarbonate is prone to do. What this product does do is provide much better visibility in the rear view mirror. Looks good too! Fitting is easy following the instructions supplied. The only tool required is a screwdriver to fit the bottom mounts to the mounting panel and two screws holding the screen into the mounts.
If you have any questions please ask me. If you have any problems with the kit after purchase or are in any other way less than 100% happy with the product then please contact me. Price is £60 including UK delivery for the Clear or Tinted Grey version. Message me for payment details by either bank transfer or PayPal.

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Where can I order a tinted one from?

Will reply via PM

How does the tinted affect rear view? I have the mesh one currently and nearly impossible to see out the back through it.

It’s quite a pale tinted sheet. Made by the top acrylic manufacturer Perspex.

Colour is “Neutral 901”. Still gives excellent rear visibility. Sample picture below.

Thanks for the prompt response, sounds good., I noticed the 3m tape on guides at side of sheet is white, is there a more discreet black option available for this?

That was one of the early ones where I was using a 3M tape which was clear transparent. Looks white on the inside pictures because the light shines through. I’m now using a different tape, still 3M, this time it is a dark grey so less obvious.

Are there just one tint shade or two ?

A light grey tint. Looks good with with all colours. There is a light brown tint available but don’t think that would be very popular. The deal I have with my laser cutter is that I have to buy full sheets of the tinted stock which equate to 80 screens. Not going to risk having 79 that I can’t sell so don’t bother asking for brown!