Mazda MX 5 RF Door mirrors

I Have 2013 MX 5 RF I can’t see anything in the Manuel about the door mirrors ,Do they fold so they are near window glass on door,I don’t want to try in case I break something .Cheers

I’m assuming you mean a different year as there is no such thing as a 2013 RF. To answer your question, yes the mirrors do fold upwards and inwards some, but don’t fold flat against the door.

They fold manually, ie, they have to be moved by hand.
A bit annoying as it means there’s no visual indication that the car is locked, as there is with our CX5, which is useful as the CX often doesn’t lock when walking away.
Keyless / walk away locking (or not!) is the most useless invention ever - an attempt to address a problem that never existed. How difficult is it to press a button for gods sake.
Sorry, off topic, rant over.


Right year wrong model it’s a roadster Thanks

Completely with you on that one!

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