Mazda MX5 MK2.5- Exhaust

Having bought my Mazda MX5 last year it has a single exit exhaust which i believe is the one that MX5 Parts sell, it makes a great noise!

I believe that it may be on it’s way out though!!


Deciding  should i go for a dual or single exit exhaust? Opinions?



Having read in the past the twin exit back box was noisy, too noisy for some. I went with the single exit back box for my Mk2, nice tone (sporty) without being overly loud.

Incidently have you looked at the Cobalts on offer at Moss-Europe?

Always single exit 

I have a single pipe Cobalt exhaust from Moss on my 2.5. Sounds great, but not overpowering.

Did have a split weld on the hanging bracket on my first box after about 13 months but Moss were excellent and changed it with no quibbles.

Would recommend the box and Moss Europe.

Cobra exhausts in Sheffield made me a beautiful stainless cat back system with single exit for my 2.5 sport last year. The soundtrack it delivers means that I now want to change gear more often and I hardly ever turn the stereo on… money well spent!!


My Son had a similar problem with a broken weld on a weeks old aftermarket back box and had to get it changed. I wasn’t too surprised it broke, tbh.

I was taught how to weld and carry out metal fabrication in my youth when training as an engineer (still do a bit on a DIY basis). I looked at a number of these cheaper stainless back box exhausts (not just from the one seller) at the MX-5 Rallies last year and rejected them. They simply aren’t made well enough. The welds holding on the hanging brackets are not long enough (they don’t go the full length of the brackets) and they are simply tack welded onto the thin skin of the box.  The brackets need to be welded along their full length, not just half an inch in the middle and need some further support via welded steel fillets.


John Savage, how much is it likely to cost for a proper back box from your supplier in Sheffield (mine will need changing in the not to distant future)?

I have a twin Larini, but whatever the make I feel the twin suits the car.

I have a cobalt on mine along with a 421 manifold and decat pipe so is a little louder than normal have a listen to the video below
Also before you buy new look on ebay I got mine for £26 and it hasn’t got a mark on it