Mazda on Track at Brands Dec 5 for £99. Go on, you know you want to!

As many of you know, Mazda on Track will be at Brands on Friday December 5th for a day of non Christmas shopping. Brands Indi circuit is great for all levels of driver, not too big so that it can’t be quickly learned, but also involving enough not to get boring. We have 2 sessions booked so will have 40 minutes per hour which we will run as an open pit lane, however we will watch to make sure everybody gets a fair share. At the moment Hondas on Track of the other session, and they might agree to the afternoon being a full open pit. We have instructors slots left for those that either want some first time help or to improve if you are already adicted. We also have some MX-5 race cars coming down which you can hire or have hot laps in and as always, Mazda on Tack will be there to help, give advice and make the day special. And it is still much better than Christmas Shopping.

Sounds like a good day at a very reasonable price but… I be working [:’(]

And Amanda told me you just sat around all day! [:)]


You can hear it calling to you. [6]

Nick, how much is it for spectators as i have a friend that does photography to a very high standard and he was thinking about coming with me to get some shots of every1 :smiley:

Nothing for specators, unless he want’s to buy me a cup of tea [C]

 There are several people who have said they want to come and take pictures. If they want to wander round the circuit, that will be between them and Brands, however, the more the merrier. [:)]

awsome looks like he’ll be down then :slight_smile:


I can’t make this one but can you tell me how much it is to hire one of the race Mazda’s and for the instructor laps?




REALLY looking forward to this.

It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was little to drive round Brands Hatch ‘Properly’.
This will be my first proper track day driving, and what a circuit to start on.

Got the helmet, Gloves, Mazda Jacket and Licence all ready to go. [:D]

If you wanted the car for the whole day it is £350, and £200 for half a day, this is organised through Max5.

For “normal” instruction in your own car it is £25 for a session which is 20 minutes, but if you wanted that in the race car with a race driver then with the car as well it is £75

Thanks Nick,

 I think I’ll go for an instructor drive in my own car when the time comes, I like the idea of keeping the wear and tear away from my own car but I might as well give her a run out and save myself a few quid.

Have fun at Brands Ady, if I didn’t have plans already we could have taken a cruise down there together, next time maybe.


Would anyone be going past Coventry on the way home from Brands that could give my son a lift? I am staying down there over night and can’t give him a lift back to his house. It would be a great help.


Hi Nick

Should i have had any confirmation of the day? start times ect?



 (edit) just looked at your web site all clear now[:)]


Hi Ken,


WIth the forums all getting changes it has got a bit split up.


The genaeral details are

OK, this is the general format

07:30-08:30 Signing On

08:30-09:00 Driver Briefing

09:00-16:00 Track Time

12:00-13:00 Lunch


You need your driving licence, helmet and come to see us to sign on.

And brave pills [:)]

A copy of the email sent to all drivers:

 Dear Mazda on Tracker!

First of all, thanks for signing up for Brands Hatch on Friday the 5th of December.

It’s currently forecast a couple of heavy rain showers on and off the day, so please ensure you have good tread on your tyres, and pack yourself an umbrella and a rain coat! We will have garages on the day, so you and your car will be able to stay under cover. Hot drinks and food will be available on the day at the Brands Hatch ‘Kentagon’ cafe.

If you’re un-sure about driving in the rain, we say ‘Don’t worry!’, come and speak to one of the Mazda on Track staff for pointers, or alternatively there are places for instruction left with one of the resident Brands Hatch instructors.

The format for the day is as follows:

07:30-08:30       Signing On
08:30-09:00       Driver Briefing
09:00-16:00       Track Time
12:00-13:00       Lunch

It is important you arrive early, as ALL drivers and ALL passengers MUST attend the briefing. Registration will be at the Mazda on Track stand (Look for the stickered up Mazda on Track MX5’s). You will be given a wristband, and helmet hire is available for £10 at the circuit.

Please ensure your car is ready to go on track! Track driving is hard work on a car, and obviously we don’t want anyone to damage their precious vehicle, so ensure you have good tyre tread, good brake pads, engine oil is filled correctly, and a nearly full tank of fuel.

Directions to Brands Hatch:

Brands Hatch is located on the A20. It is well signposted from junction 3 of the M25.

If you have Sat Nav:

Brands Hatch Circuit
Tel: +44 (0)1474 872331

Lastly, if you have any questions at any point on the day, or before you come, please just ask any of our staff and we will gladly point you in the right direction!

Have an excellent day!

Kind regards,

The Mazda on Track team.

Didn’t get an email so thanks for posting that

Does anyone know which entrance we should use? I’ve only ever been to the spectator car parks so I assume it’s somewhere else. The email seems to suggest it’s off the A20 but I know there’s a road around the back too.



It will be the main entrace, the one with the house and garage on.

Thanks very much