Mazda on Track at Brands Dec 5 for £99. Go on, you know you want to!

That was a brilliant day so a huge thanks to MoT for giving us the chance to drive Brands with out breaking the bank! 

Great to see so many Mazdas, with the 5s in the majority, in the MoT 40 min sessions. 

Can’t wait to see some photos, and no doubt some videos as well.


As above that was a brilliant day, always wanted to do Brands, nice one MOT[:D]

also lookin foward to photo’s.

Thanks MOT … and a huge thanks to Jon and Martin for sharing their track time with me.
What an absolutely brilliant day. My first track day, and wont be my last.

And I wasn’t the slowest, so that was cool too.

Can’t wait to see any pics, and any videos. [:D]

 A huge thanks to everyone who came, was a fantastic day, and no prangs from the MoT contingent!

Well done everyone for driving well, safely, and making Nick and I’s day worth all the effort! [H]

2009 calendar coming soon. [:D]

Here are a few pictures i took while taking a break from driving[:D]

 A few dozen more photos from the day can be seen by clicking HERE
In-car video to follow soon [H] 

Just wanted to say thanks to the MOT guys for a great day. Met loads
of friendly people and my passenger loved it as well, even after she
screamed at me for drifting through paddock hill bend [:D]
Oh and thanks for the pics Jonnie Boy we’re in the little green Eunos J369 LTR [:)]
Looking forward to the 2009 MOT calendar.


 Some great pictures there Jonny - The S2000 looks mint in that light!

Hi guys. Was indeed a brilliant day.  My first video here, from early afternoon when it was still damp…



Good video John I enjoyed it. The RX8 guys had already sniffed it out [:)]

Another video from Brands - this time a little later in the day when the circuit had developed a bit of a dry line.

Click HERE to watch the video.[:D] 

For some reason there’s about 7 seconds of black at the beginning.

That was great to watch [H].  And going very well.  Your gearchanges were the same as mine - is it a std 1.6?

Nick who was it taking the official? photos?


Ops, of all the places not to post the link! [:$] 


Ok all, photos from Brands Hatch are now online, and can be found here;

 8)  8)  8)  8)

that’s quite annoying … aaaaaaaaaaall of those great photos and not one of me. [:(]

your not the only one not to have one of you. i remember asking him at the end of the day!! he said he had taken over 1000 pics so email him and i’m sure he will have some piccy’s of you

You didn’t look very hard did you?[;)]

Hi Jon,
It is a virtually standard 1.8 UK car with no LSD.

In fact, other than some secondhand Koni shocks, springs and some uprated anti-roll bars, mechanically Project Merlot is pretty much as she left the factory.

well other than your ones. [:D][;)]

I still remember that moment. That’s before i’d gone round ‘properly’ … i was cacking myself. haha.

As Nick has kindly supplied the link for me (I did try last night, but the forum was down), Ill just get stuck in… 

Which one was yours ?  The chances are I do have some pics.  The ones that are up are the best ones, there are a lot more that are acceptable, but I was being quite picky when I uploaded them.  If you PM me your reg, Ill have a look later, and let you know what I find.


As above really !  [;)]

It can be quite difficult sometimes to get really good shots of everyone, but I do try my best to get at least one of everybody.  Unfortunately, the changing conditions on Friday made it very difficult from a photography point of view, so some shots that wernt quite focused sharply didnt make the cut.

The answer of course, is to attend some more MoT days, as Im sure Nick will agree… ! [;)][:D]

I had a great time chasing Project Merlot on one of the sessions. Right up your bum on quite a few occasions, I was smiling for your rear facing camera but my full face helmet was blocking the view[:D]

I was in a standard, dark blue, P reg, UK car. If I can work out how to transfer film to a computer I’ll show you my in car footage[H]