Mean Lancaster insurance

Like most occasional ‘roof-down’ MX5 drivers, I haven’t used my 2007 Mk3 between March and June because of lockdown. Having recently received a refund from Direct Line for the similar under use of my Audi S3, I asked Lancaster - my Mazda insurer – for a similar consideration. They refused in no uncertain terms. While I appreciate that my MX5 was still insured for fire and theft during this period, Lancaster’s blunt approach hardly seems to reward loyalty (especially for MX5 Club members) or encourage repeat business. Have other members out there had a similar experience or found a better company to insure with for less than 3000 miles per year?

I think if you do a search on here and just on the general web re any company really for reviews you’ll get the idea of who’s popular and who’s not so.
We’ll all have our tales to tell about who’s decent, who’s cheapest etc we all have our favoured one
I’ll just say as it’s widely known now Admiral refunded me £25 on each policy recently, no questions asked they just did it. I asked them last year cheekily, can you give me a discount as my car is laid up (garaged) during the winter months so less chance of an accident? A blunt no was the answer, politely of course. I’ll be pushing for the same come November, one can only try in light of this recent discount.
I’ll be hitting the comparison sites as I do each year and make my judgement on who best then

Peter Best

I’m ensured with Direct Line on my 5, we use the multi-car with them and get a good discount, I’ve always found them fair and my renewals are general the same or cheaper which I’ve never had with other companies. The have also stopped charging admin fees which is a good bonus when changing policy details.