Meet up to drive to the National Rally

Hi guys and girls.
Some of us from the Western region are meeting up at Michaelwood services on the M5 at 8am to drive to the National Rally. We will be there until 8.30am so if you want to join us and drive up in a nice convoy from the south west please feel free to join us. [(yy)]

Well done all 

Gates at the event are 10.30am

 Its about 1 1/2 hours from Michaelwood, so that will give us plenty of time for late comers without any rush.


just to make you aware early arrivals on to site will be streamed off the main road and held in the overflow carpark which is is not the most exciting place or the greatest surface in the world, bit mucky, just until the gates are ready to open so you may want to throw in an extra couple of B roads on the way!

Just checking this is still on as we are driving up from Cornwall and would like to join you.

Not 100% sure if im going yet but if I do id like to join up if this is still on.

Hi Jeff do you know what route you will all be taking ( M5 M42 M40 ? ) If your coming southbound on the M40 it appears quite a few of us from the midlands are meeting at Warwick services near J15 at approx 10am.Feel free to join us on the last leg into Gaydon.

I’m hoping nothing has happened to Jeff but I’m leaning towards a night in the Cotswolds and a leisurely start rather than turning up at 8.00a.m at Michaelwood if this can’t be confirmed.

Yes, its a pretty long drive there and back from Ivybridge near Plymouth especially as im bringing my 8 yr old. Im going up Saturday and staying at Solihull. Hoping to join up at Warwick with the guys from the midlands. Hopefully there will be quite a few.

Not sure if the plan to meet up is still on, but we aim to be at michealwood around 8:30. If anyone’s there we’ll travel up together. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning and polishing inside and out. [/:)]