Mini_Euro Tour starts today

Ive posted here before.   Had the car about 3weeks, mechanicals done, we are packed (all in the boot - and not a squeeze), and today is the day

Midlands to Folkstone (i note the M20 is closed today - nice!!!)

Folkstone to Reims 

Reims to Grindelwald (Eiger)  Passes

Grindelwald to St Moritz   Passes

St Moritz to Bregenz  (via the Stelvio)

Bregenz to Heidelburg (via the Back Forest)

Heidelburg to Nurburgring   (quick wiz round)

Nurburgring to home 


Wish us luck :slight_smile:   i’ll add some comments as we go - no pics (im afraid!!)

To say I’m jealous is a huge understatement!

Enjoy the trip

And there’s me looking forward  to a trip to Frome in mine tomorrow 

Have a good journey

That Leg 1 completed.


id forgotten how empty French roads are compared to ours!  Calais to Reims in 2hrs.   Cracking day, down the Folkestone was a pain with the M20 shut - but we knew that before started.


mX performed all good so far.  NC Z-Sport is comfy place to be and car is stable at higher speeds too.

1 question.  Does the boot get hot due to rear diff and exhaust silencer temps - I’m talking about 2hours of 90mph cruise?

Tomorrow, Reims to Switzerland 

If you stock up on some of that wonderful French Brie don’t pack it in the bottom of the boot. However you will clear customs quicker.

So, here we are, end of day 4.  Today we travelled from Grindelwald to St Moritz.   So along all the passes today, just amazing, stunning roads and scenery.  I must admit, we have been blessed again - roof down all day long bar 1 20min stint of rain.


The MX is good on these roads, you can use all the engine power and handling.  Very very nice indeed.

185mls of pure fun and enjoyment.

tomorrow is the Stelvio, and on into Austria


we had the MX looked at in Grindelwald for a rear rumble.  sounds like the left, but then the mech said maybe the right when he spun the wheels on the ramp with stephoscope listening.  Anyway, no play in the wheels, and diff oil is all good.  So advice, carry on, won’t be a problem.

the other problem we have, washer jets, drivers side dribble and passenger in-op (glad we rain-x the windscreen).   So jobs for when get homE and sort of part of the adventure with an older car - which has been perfect for the road trip otherwise.



Enjoy the Stelvio