Miyako vs Kendo vs Sport Tech

In reality, is there much difference between these 3 models (apart from the 6 speed gearbox)? Is there much between the 5 and 6 speeds?

I’ve previously discounted looking at these as I’d decided that a Sport Tech was the one to go for, but am now wondering if either a Kendo or Mikayo might be just as good?

As always, interested in your thoughts :sunglasses:

When looking for my next NC I looked at those models mentioned, various factors discounted some like the Miyako for instance. Limited colour options (I suppose that’s why it’s a limited edition) only the 2ltr available in silver, the 1.8 had an option of velocity red or silver.
The Kendo again two colour options which I didn’t favour either.
It’s just a personal choice really, colour then the size engine and bits and bobs that come with each model. The Sport Tech has a wider choice of colours with a 2ltr engine with most of your favourites included LSD, traction, 6 speed but a boring all black interior.
I wanted something like the Sport Tech but not black seats and it must be red body colour. That’s why I ended up with a white car, well with a black roof.:grin::weary:

Loving it though, I looked at so many red cars I was getting bored, I’m glad this Recaro came along (basically a Sport Tech with Recaro seats) ok the seats are black but nice, a compromise.:grin:

Still love red cars though, especially MX-5’s like my previous one.

Have a look here to compare models.


No heated seats in the Miyako….essential on a winter top down drive in my opinion.

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Hi, I test drove both and ended up with trhe Sport Tech. The cream interior on the Kendo was beautiful, but the folding hard top of the Sport Tech was so cool I had to have it. As others have said, you get a little more in the Sport Tech (heated seats, cruise etc.) and I much prefer the 2 litre with the 6 speed box. To put it another way, I wouldn’t want any less power - MX-5 are not the most powerful cars out there. Try and drive both and buy the one that puts the biggest smile on your face. Good luck!