MK 2.5 radio died

I have a 2002 MK 2.5 1.6,absolutely bog standard and original, inc. the radio as far as I know.  Had it for three years and radio has always worked (apart from cassette that is stuck in it) about a month ago it stopped working, turned it on and now’t happened.  Just been having a look and although the fuse is OK there is no power to the fuse so I am guessing I have a loose connection or a broken wire or perhaps a faulty earth.  To investigate any of these I need a wiring diagram, or a Yorkshire Ridings auto electrician member who would like to  help out.  OK the second option was wishful thinking but the diagram would be really useful if any one has one.  Yes I have looked on-line but so far no joy.




Have checked the ROOM fuse?

Thanks Robbie I have now and it’s OK and there is power to the ROOM fuse.  Back to square 1 I guess!

The unit itself probably has an internal fuse.

I Would make sure all fuses are good and especially that any connectors are securely connected. There are usually two main connectors and it is possible that the recent extreme heat and then reducing temperature has caused them to work apart.

Worse case scenario, get a replacement. These are not expensive and with luck a fully working replacement can be found. If you need a replacement post up a photo and any model numbers off your unit or PM - I will find one for you.       

I have two spare stock radio CD units from mk2s.  pm me if you’re interested 

Thanks for replies guys, but before I worry about replacing units I need to re-establish power to the unit, so again any one got a wiring diagram please so I can do a continuity check to find that loose connector or whatever.


Cheers and drive safe.

Here you go…………………

2003 wiring

Scroll down a fair way to figure 24.

Your stereo needs a permanent live to save settings and an ignition switched live that goes through the room fuse to power it up.



Thank you that’s just what |I needed, brill.  I didn’t realise that the unit needed both a permanent and a switched live, which makes sense of Robbies suggestion to check the ROOM fuse.  My MX also has a space on the fuse box marked “AUDIO” but there isn’t a fuse in it and the owners handbook doesn’t say what it’s for.  Hopefully it s just a simple loose connection that I can trace and repair.