Mk 2.5 Sport - Cooling and Induction

I bought my car new in 2002 and have now done 37000 miles. I decided to change the OEM radiator to an entirely aluminium one and thought I’d go for the larger capacity at the same time to improve cooling. The new thicker performance radiator from MX5 Parts fitted okay and looks good in the engine bay however the fixings for the fan shroud didn’t match so I had to fabricate a suitable fixing plate. When I came to re-install the air crossover duct though I found it wouldn’t fit because the Helmholtz resonator chamber on the OEM crossover duct fouled the cooling fan. I’m now faced with buying an induction kit from K&N, or similar, that won’t have the resonator chamber. However, the chamber is there to avoid a dip in torque at higher revs, so I understand. For those of you that have an induction kit installed on an otherwise standard engine do you notice any detriment to performance because you don’t have the resonator?