MK 3 hard folding roof - exploded diagram?

Not sure if I’ve done this correctly, apols if not. Can you kindly send me a copy of the manual you referred to please?
Two problems with roof & I want
to go to garage showing some knowledge, in case they see me as a cash cow. Have noted the posts about rollers, spacing, bag being caught etc.
If I post my email address here is it visible to everyone & their aunties? Or ‘is it safe?’
Thanks, Maggie

Direct message??

Hello Maggie
You should be able to send me a private message through the forum. I have located the file & would be happy to send it to you if you let me know your email address

That wasn’t a private message!
Click or tap on the green circular disc with M on it at the top of his message and it will bring up a screen with a blue rectangle with white lettering saying “send message”
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My bad
I am dangerous with a teaspoon, never mind a keyboard.
Thank for guidance

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@mxomatosis Bravo!

Every time I operate the roof I pray!

Great work repairing a roof that even Mazda don’t seem to know what to do with!

Just to add, after my cars recent respray, where the paint shop removed the roof on my PRHT, I didn’t have an opening/closing issue as such, but the joint between top panel and window panel was totally out of alignment. Just as OP has mentioned, a variety of different shims and adjustments are available to get it all in to shape. Perhaps that’s why varying numbers of shim are used, to get it all even? Anyway, when the shop had mine back, they got an electric roof ‘expert’ (yes, they are out there) and 5 minutes in, he’d diagnosed the issue, and had it back in line soon after, possibly better than originally!
I’m only adding my experience to this thread in case it helps and it’s all in one place. :+1:



It would be really useful for the future if you could post the details of the roof expert on here. My experience of main dealer knowledge on PRHT roofs is that it is sadly lacking.

Hiya, I totally agree about main dealer PRHT experience. I had to adjust the rear deck myself after getting the car back from main dealer. The ‘expert’, well TBH I’ve no idea? The paint shop drafted this chap in as they were unable to resolve the uneven roof panel. A freelance chap who must work for many garages doing electric roof repairs I assume? I’ll see if I can find anything out and post here if I do.


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Hi I’m having a problem with the rear deck on my folding hardtop as it judders as it comes down, what adjustments can be done solve this, Thanks

I didn’t need to remove or adjust the deck during the roof repair as it was operating as it should. As other members have mentioned, the silver screws on either side can work loose so they are worth checking first. The folding brackets attached to the deck are flimsier than the roof brackets presumably because the deck is quite light. The wire cable which operates the deck is adjustable with the two small locking nuts (see photo attached). You could compare the position on your car, on mine it hasn’t been adjusted as far as I know. With the deck fully up but before the roof starts to come down, the wire is quite slack (probably about 5mm movement). It might be too tight on your MX5 which could possibly cause a judder. The adjuster is on the passenger side only. Make a careful note of the position of the nuts on the thread before you make any adjustments then you can return to your starting point if needs be.

Good luck!

Thanks for that, I did notice that one of the silver bolts was loose so I tightened it and it has improved it but will check the cable and see if there is any movement when the deck is up.

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