Mk1 1.6 UK car pre 1994

Hi everyone,

I am missing my old Mk1 MX-5 so I am looking for a Mk1 1.6i engine with a manual box, must be a pre-1994.

Budget is dependent on condition, also seeking original sills and as near as original condition as possible.

Willing to travel, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi Theo. Are you still looking for an early Mk1? I’ve just decided (reluctantly) to move mine on. I’m not actually a club member so I don’t think I’m allowed to adverise it here?

Best regards, Chris

Hiya Chris,

I was really after an NA but couldn’t find a original example so have put a deposit down on a NC today.

Wish you the best of luck selling yours.

Kind regards,